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Now providing Ketamine assisted psychotherapy.

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Director: Dr. Les Cole

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Now Providing Ketamine Assested Psychotherapy

Guiding You On The Path Of Self-Healing

Request Consultation Call 678-216-8167
Director: Dr. Les Cole

General Overview of Ketamine Treatment: 

Growing research support in the medical community is finding Ketamine to be effective in helping clients with treatment resistant depression/anxiety and PTSD. The most likely mechanism of action for Ketamine Treatment is activity on a receptor in the brain called NMDA receptors and its impact on a neurotransmitter called glutamate. This is a different pathway than most other psychiatric drugs including anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-psychotic, and mood stabilizing medicines.  In addition, Ketamine has additional effects in the brain including the facilitation of “neuroplasticity” (expanding neural pathways).  Ketamine was first tested in humans in 1964 and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1970 as an anesthetic agent.  In 2019, Esketamine (nasal form of ketamine–brand name Spravato) was approved by the FDA for treatment resistant depression.  Ketamine has been used safely and repeatedly in research studies involving both healthy volunteers, individuals with psychiatric disorders as well as treatment for chronic pain conditions.

Over the past decade, ketamine has been studied and used in the treatment of major depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and other psychiatric conditions that have not responded to common meds. for symptom management.  

Psychiatric Medical Consultation & Informed Consent Prior to Treatment:  

Determination of  appropriateness for Ketamine treatment is of paramount concern for Attento.

All potential Ketamine treatment clients are required to complete an assessment/interview to determine “Medical Necessity and Appropriateness” for treatment. Following protocol guidelines, Attento KAP intervention is considered an “Adjunct Treatment” designed to support clients with the goal of long-term symptom management.  The use of Ketamine is considered off-label use of medication (other than Spravato) defined as a psychiatric medication used without formal FDA approval.  Off label use of psychiatric meds. is a common practice for diagnosed conditions in the treatment of presenting systems (Ketamine intervention has a growing body of supportive research supporting its use for symptom reduction).  At Attento a counselor will complete a preliminary diagnostic evaluation as a first step in preparation for client prior to referral to our Partner Psychiatrist for medical appropriateness for treatment.   The Partner Psychiatrist will facilitate a formal medical review and determination of appropriateness/suitability for Ketamine Treatment.  Upon determination, clients will be requested to review and sign an Informed Consent for treatment and receive additional information about treatment protocols as they prepare for their 1st KAP appointment.

Ketamine Treatment Combined with Attento KAP Counseling Services:  Attento is committed to providing a cost effective and supportive model of Ketamine Treatment under a KAP model that includes:

    • Client Education and New Intake Support:  provision of psycho-education materials and staff direct Q&A assistance to ensure client understanding of  the Ketamine Treatment Model and protocols of KAP intervention/support.
    • Support of a dedicated administrative client support team member to guide process of intake—single point of contact for initial information and understanding of KAP process.
    • Clinical counseling care through intension setting & KAP support–experience integration (all staff intensively trained in KAP procedures). 
  • A comfortable & supportive care environment that focuses on client comfort/safety during their treatment experience.
  • Qualified medical specialists involved in self-administration supervision.
  • Post-treatment availability of the KAP team to support treatment recovery. 
  • Flexible and convenient scheduling (Day and Evening Hours) for KAP appointments and continuity of care from members of the KAP team.


The goal of KAP supported intervention is to provide a unique deeper level THERAPEUTIC EXPERIENCE to assist clients in their  “inter-personal transformational work” to reduce presenting psychiatric symptoms (treatment-resistant depression/anxiety) while nurturing readiness for lifestyle and self-change through inner healing.

REFERENCE NOTE: Dr. Phil Wolfson, MD