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Attento Counseling Website Frequently Asked Questions

At Attento we understand deciding on therapeutic or life coaching support sometimes can be challenging. The following FAQs may assist you in both understanding how counseling/coaching may benefit you and the process by which you can begin receiving support.

The field of counseling has undergone many changes over the years, shifting focus from mental illness to mental wellness. Today counseling has become a mainstream service by which anyone can receive care and support during times of life adjustment, ongoing emotional needs, or anything they need to process in a safe space. If you need a new perspective for challenges that may be keeping you from aligning with your happiest or healthiest self, therapy may be a way to help you move forward. Life can be complicated at times, and we all deserve to feel supported.

Our entire staff team from Administrators to Guest Engagement Managers to Providers are trained in providing you the highest level of quality care. We will help you step-by- step through the intake/scheduling process, support you in finding the strength to get through the front door and ensure you are treated with warmth and support when you arrive to meet your provider

At Attento we understand that if you need support we need to be available. Our goal is to offer scheduling options to clients within 2-3 business days from the time of request for appointment. 

Our commitment is to make Counseling/Life Coaching available at convenient times for our clients. Counselor scheduled hours at Attento range between 7AM to 9PM and we also have staff that work weekends (dependent upon the individual counselor). 

Clinical counselors are trained & licensed professionals assisting individuals in exploring personal development issues that adversely impact their current level of functioning. Life Coaches are certified professionals focusing on life skills, life planning and helping individuals reach their best potential. 

Research has found the most significant variable in Counseling/Life Coaching success is client readiness to explore themselves and their willingness to take active steps toward change. 

Commitment to counseling usually involves weekly sessions; however, you will ultimately determine the level of support best for you. Counseling/Life Coaching relationships may be brief (a few sessions) or for an extended period based on need. The therapeutic relationship is driven by need, strength of connection and nature of support being provided. Don’t be surprised if your Counselor/Life Coach becomes part of your support structure and you know and connect with them periodically over the years. 

Counseling services with the majority of Attento staff is covered by your medical insurance. The cost of services will be determined by your co-pay or deductible which we will verify for you at the point of intake. Life Coaching is a private pay only service, and hourly rates differ from Coach to Coach.

While our clinicians are able to adjust some of the self pay rates to meet each client where they are, please reach out to inquire on if your insurance is accepted. Many of our clinicians accept 5 major commercial insurance providers (Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Humana, & Tricare).

This is a common mis-conception about counseling and insurance medical coverage–most major plans cover the cost of counseling support with few or no limitations. 

Tell us what makes your comfortable in terms of relationship (counseling/life coach specialization, age, ethnicity, schedule availability, experience, etc.) and our Guest Engagement Specialist will make the best fit match with a member of our team at your desired location. 

Meeting your needs is our highest priority. Our staff team understands that relationship and connection is of paramount importance. If you are not comfortable, our administrative team will help you with change. 

Yes! Our Mental Wellness & Emotional Learning (MWEL) program offers flexible private pay options. Learn more via