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Coronavirus Update


At this time Attento Counseling and Coaching is providing new client intake appointments for both intake and ongoing service using video conferencing, telehealth solutions.  As a frontline healthcare provider, in-office appointments are currently available with many of our counselors. We are first and foremost concerned about the welfare of our staff and clients and therefore have instituted “sanitized office” procedures with social distancing protocols in place.  We remain committed to having active reception services to assist you in accessing services. In this time of need, Attento remains committed to the highest level of customer care and support. Please click “Schedule an Appointment” below or call us at our office for support and assistance.

On behalf of our team, we wish everyone health and wellness during this most challenging time.

Attento provides supportive counseling and coaching intervention for

Leadership team photo

Your Leadership Team

At Attento Counseling, each member of the team assumes a unique role to support your decision to access professional counseling/coaching services. From the moment of your first contact with our organization, you will be engaged by a qualified professional who will be ready to support you in your needs.

Our goal is to provide you access to an un-paralleled client service experience prior to your first appointment and access to the “right” counseling/coaching professional to help you with your unique needs.

Prepare to be welcomed and supported!


Professional Counseling & Life Coaching Care

For every person there comes a time in life when we need the support and care of another to help us on our Journey. The first step toward a “Better You” is reaching out and asking for the support.

“Mental Wellness is a journey, not a destination—it requires each of us to be open to the exploration of new normals.”
Timothy Giannoni (Attento Practice Co-Owner)

“Everyone benefits from a safe, non-judgmental place where you have an opportunity to explore concrete strategies for becoming the best version of yourself”
Beth Ebinger (Attento Counseling Practice Co-Owner)



start the journey toward a better you

Experience a provider with skill and passion for helping clients make meaningful advances in their lives, relationships, careers, and happiness.

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