Attento Counseling has been providing counseling and coaching support services to residents of the North Atlanta Community since May of 2014. 

Attento is locally owned and managed by Timothy J. Giannoni and Beth Ebinger who have more than 50 years combined experience in human services.  As owner-managers, Tim and Beth are actively involved in daily clinical counseling and work in support of our experienced Practice Team.   Our organizational mission is to offer you a warm and welcoming experience that will support both your decision to access counseling/coaching services.

We understand the importance of Customer Service and have endeavored to develop a system of support designed to provide you the individualized support you deserve.  We recognize the responsibility that comes with our role in providing counseling/coaching care and belief the following distinguishes us as a service provider:

  • Client Centered Commitment at Time of Intake—connection with a Practice-specific Guest Experience Specialist to assist you with accessing services (24hr. contact commitment).
  • Majority of clinician acceptance of major insurances (Attento verifies and will confirm co-pays and deductibles prior to first appt.—Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna)
  • Staff team of over 40 uniquely skilled clinicians/coaches to meet your individual needs.
  • Same week first appointment scheduling with your counselor/coach.
  • Extended hours that are convenient for you (counseling and coaching staff working from 7AM to 9PM).


  1. Team responsibility for providing the highest quality client support/service from the moment of first contact through the counseling and coaching experience.
  2. Investment in developing a diverse and highly skilled counseling team that fully embraces a quality experience for our clients while fostering a supportive team environment so that each staff person can do their “BEST” work in support of OUR client customers.
  3. Focus and deliver on client/customer needs first–embrace Organizational Continuous Improvement defined by progress toward “client first” shared values and the commitment of all staff to achieve the aspirational goal of consistent counseling/coaching service excellence.

The ATTENTO team appreciates that you have considered us to be your counseling/coaching service provider.

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