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Dr. Tim Giannoni Ed.D, MS, MBA

Enjoying more than 25 years in the human services profession, Dr. Timothy Giannoni has acquired a diverse professional and educational background. Possessing advanced degrees in education, psychology, counseling and management, he has provided support to individuals in both direct service practice and in the management of counseling service organizations. Starting his career in a federally funded employment and training program in Florida serving both youth and adults, he transitioned into management and became the president of nationally recognized adolescent youth develop program serving 10,000 students per year. During his authorship of the Excel Program and years in organizational leadership, he completed extensive research in anxiety and depression management and correlates of effective developmental intervention. Living in North Atlanta during the past 13 years, his career path has taken him back to his first passion — individual coaching.

As a co-owner of the Attento Counseling practice, he brings the followings areas of service expertise:

  • Adolescent intervention (extensive clinical/program development experience: conflict/adjustment support to include crisis remediation, anxiety mgmt., depression, at-risk behavior, parental support)
  • Adult life change/adjustment (decision making and pervasive anxiety research, eight years of group and individual career and employment coaching)
  • Senior support (depression, loss recovery, family relations)
  • Male personal growth support (mid-life transition, relationship stabilization, anxiety, anger and impulse management)

Dr. Giannoni believes coaching relationships begin with genuine interest and concern, and are supported by an ever present focus on positive personal growth.

His years of experience have led him to the following conclusions:

Individuals own their life coaching
Quality individual coaching provides the opportunity to explore issues central to the person in a safe, professional and supportive environment
Progress or improvement in coaching results from an individual’s personal decision to change or explore new thoughts, emotions or behaviors with the support of another
Dr. G is a down-to-earth, light-hearted guy with an extensive resume and passion for serving others in their time of need. Watch the following clip for his personal/professional introduction.