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Stephanie Marshall, LPC

Life can be complicated, messy and hard. I believe that counseling can provide a safe place for people to explore their inner thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or criticism. It can also create space to begin the process of healing from traumas, loss, strained relationships, a depressed episode, excessive
worrying, or stress from everyday life.

I strive to provide opportunities for growth and healing through my calm, patient nature. I care deeply about people and want to create a space that is empathetic and understanding. Together with my clients, I aim to develop and strengthen coping skills, improve self-worth, and instill a sense of hope.With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an evidenced-based treatment, I assist clients in learning how to hold space for big emotions while combating automatic negative thoughts that can really take a big toll on our mood overall.I have also had the privilege of helping children and adolescents navigate emotional, behavioral, and mood issues with child-centered and directive play therapy and family therapy. I am passionate about equipping and encouraging parents and guardians with tools to give them lasting success with their children that they care for so deeply.