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Afsoon Sanei, LCSW

Afsoon holds some of the highest credentials in the field of Social Work. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that has over 8 years of clinical experience focused on helping clients of all ages establish healthier connections with themselves and others. Afsoon earned a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology from the University of Esfahan. She also earned a Master of Art in Psychology from the University of Allameh in Tehran, Iran and a Master’s of Social Work at the State University of South Carolina.

Afsoon enjoys working with clients of all ages, backgrounds and challenges. She primarily treats women in the areas of Major Depression and other mood disorders, PTSD, anxiety, and trauma. Afsoon utilizes a variety of evidence-based approaches (including CBT, Trauma-Focused CBT, etc.) to help clients address trauma and other difficult life experiences. She is honored to have walked alongside many individuals and families on their journey towards growth and recovery.