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Coronavirus Update


At this time Attento Counseling and Coaching is providing new client intake appointments for both intake and ongoing service using video conferencing, telehealth solutions.  As a frontline healthcare provider, in-office appointments are currently available with many of our counselors. We are first and foremost concerned about the welfare of our staff and clients and therefore have instituted “sanitized office” procedures with social distancing protocols in place.  We remain committed to having active reception services to assist you in accessing services. In this time of need, Attento remains committed to the highest level of customer care and support. Please click “Schedule an Appointment” below or call us at our office for support and assistance.

On behalf of our team, we wish everyone health and wellness during this most challenging time.

Psychological Services

Attento Counseling Psychological Assessment Service Overview & Referral

Providing psychological support services to the North Atlanta Community since 2014, Attento Counseling offers the following comprehensive psychological Testing and Assessments: 

attento counseling counselor

Dr. Willa Boston, Psy. D

Dr. WIlla Boston earned a Bachelor in Arts from the University of Tampa in2007. She then went on to obtain a Master’s of Science (2009) and a Doctorate of Psychology (2013) from Nova Southeastern University. She obtained licensure in the state of Georgia in 2015. Dr. Boston was born and raised in South FL. Her humble beginnings encouraged a sense of self-determination that fueled her education. During her matriculation, she discovered psychological testing, and became fascinated by the science of it as well as its utility for helping her clients gain clarity and understanding about the different obstacles they face. 

ASSESSMENT PROCESS (scheduling expected within 1-2 weeks of request)

Intake/Background Intro Meeting (1 hour) with Dr. Boston 

Assessment & Evaluation Day (2-5 hours based on assessment request) 

Assessment Overview & Discussion (1 hour within 2 weeks post testing) 


Please contact our Guest Engagement Manager, John Hill, for support and to guide you in the steps of scheduling: 

Phone: (404) 951-7851 

FAX (678) 653-8771


Insurance typically will cover Psychological Assessment however pre-authorization is required and will be coordinated by your Guest Experience Management Specialist. You will be informed of coverage and out-of-pocket expense prior to your service. For private pay clients, the cost can be estimated at service rate of $150/hr with the majority of Assessment Process completion leading to the final report being completed over 5-8 hours (NOTE: variable based on report detail). 

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