Keisha Carter-Brown,Co-Director, LCSW

attento counseling counselor Keisha-Carter-Brown

Keisha Brown holds a master’s degree in social work from Barry University in Miami, Florida. Prior to attending Barry University, Keisha completed her Bachelor of Arts in Human Development (with a minor in psychology) at Eckerd College.

Keisha has used the techniques of DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), motivational interviewing and cognitive behavior therapy. Her therapeutic approach focuses on the person-centered and empowerment-focused therapies. According to Keisha’s view of counseling, the ultimate goal is to empower each client with the tools they need to improve their quality of life and overall performance, whether it be in the work place, in athletics or in the home.

During her career as an LCSW, she has provided individual, family and group counseling for children, adolescents and adults. Keisha is also a certified Substance abuse professional (SAP) and is qualified to complete DOT SAP evaluations.

When completing a SAP evaluation the following services are provided:

  • Face-to-face assessment
  • Recommendations and referrals for a course of education and/or
  • Face-to-face follow-up evaluation.
  • Development of testing plan with recommendations for continuing

Demographics served include:

  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Families
  • Athletic teams
  • Professionals
  • Athletes (pro or otherwise)

Areas of experience include:

  • Athletic performance improvement
  • Professional performance improvement
  • Schizoaffective disorders
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Mood regulation disorders
  • Stress management
  • Work life balance
  • Trauma
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