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Coronavirus Update


At this time Attento Counseling and Coaching is providing new client intake appointments for both intake and ongoing service using video conferencing, telehealth solutions.  As a frontline healthcare provider, in-office appointments are currently available with many of our counselors. We are first and foremost concerned about the welfare of our staff and clients and therefore have instituted “sanitized office” procedures with social distancing protocols in place.  We remain committed to having active reception services to assist you in accessing services. In this time of need, Attento remains committed to the highest level of customer care and support. Please click “Schedule an Appointment” below or call us at our office for support and assistance.

On behalf of our team, we wish everyone health and wellness during this most challenging time.

Clinical/Coaching Team

It is with pride that Attento offers clients access to a diverse and skilled team of professionals who are ready to meet your individual needs.    Using our Practice-specific team of Guest Experience Specialists it is our goal to match each client with a counselor/coach that creates a “Best Fit” for unique and individualized needs.  As a client you are encouraged to think about counselor/coach professional background and personal characteristics that are important to you:

  • Gender match/difference
  • Age similarity/difference 
  • Credentials
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Counselor/Coach appointment time availability 
  • Experience with diagnosis (if applicable) 
  • Relate-ability to issue or challenge 
  • Office location convenience
  • Culture Background
  • Unique experience/expertise
  • Approach/therapeutic style
  • Spiritual alignment

With over 40 professional staff, we are proud to offer you access to a team of highly diverse professionals all sharing a common goal of providing you excellence in professional counseling/coaching care.  Through careful selection, we have assembled a team that believes in: 

  • Strength-based;
  • Person-centered, and;
  • Positive Inspirational & Aspirational Counseling & Coaching Support.

Confronting the challenges that are often faced in professional counseling, your counselor will show you the individualized care that will ensure you feel both supported and connected (we believe counseling/coaching should be a positive and transformative experience).     

Please review our practice location-specific roster of counselors and coaches below.

Research has found that having a strong counselor/coach alliance is paramount to the success of the counseling experience.  We have a talented and caring administrative team that is dedicated to finding you the right clinician or coach.  

We look forward to working with you to create your best version of you!

Therapists at Attento Counseling (Marietta-East Cobb)

Suzanne Hartigan

licensed professional counselor

Salim Nadir

Certified Life Coach

Angie Sumrall

licensed professional counselor

Calandra Togba-Doya

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A.B. Kaplan

National Certified Counselor, licensed professional counselor

Tim Giannoni


Licensed Associate Professional Counselor

Kat Bazile

licensed professional counselor, National Certified Counselor

Ansley Campbell


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Shira Concool

licensed professional counselor, National Certified Counselor

Beth Ebinger

licensed professional counselor, National Certified Counselor

Shemika S Hubbard

Licensed School Counselor

Savannah Johnson

Certified Life Coach

Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad

licensed professional counselor, Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor

Matthew Buyert

licensed professional counselor

Therapists at Attento Counseling (Marietta-Downtown)

Vanessa Desir

licensed professional counselor

Sarah Ansari

Licensed Professional Counselor,
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dana Robinson

Licensed Professional Counselor,
Master Addiction Counselor,
National Certified Counselor,
Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor

Lane Womack

licensed professional counselor

Therapists at Attento Counseling (Kennesaw)

Joe Schelling

Clinical Director, Certified Life Coach

James Mann

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Rebecca Huls

Licensed Professional Counselor

Nerissa Pratt

Licensed Professional Counselor

Lisa Mustillo

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Dr. Juanita Brigman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Kimberly Wilson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Denitra Gaines

Licensed Professional Counselor, Psychotherapist

Therapists at Attento Counseling (Cumming-Alpharetta)

Keisha Carter-Brown

Co-Director, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Leah Epelbaum

licensed professional counselor

Jennifer Butzen

Co-Director, licensed professional counselor

Eileen O’Regan

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Danielle Barto

licensed professional counselor

Jo Raphael

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Kimberli Patrick

licensed professional counselor

Andrea Gwyn

professional counselor

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