A.B. Kaplan, MS, NCC, LPC

As an intensively trained DBT therapist specializing in addiction/recovery, I use a collaborative approach with clients to help them in building the life they want to live. As a performance coach and certified personal trainer, I assist an array of clients to achieve fitness, health and lifestyle goals by identifying how emotions directly impact their health, fitness and overall wellness. In teaching skills to both groups, I help clients to develop their own concrete plan to overcome the emotional and physical obstacles they grapple with and to move forward to achieve their goals.

I help clients focus on skills which promote change through effective choices. I assist in managing recovery from addiction, impulsivity, codependency, depression/anxiety and grief/PTSD. I use techniques which support a healthier lifestyle, improve fitness and promote overall emotional – physical wellness. My focus is on my clients; my priority is collaborating with each so they reach their goals.

I have over 20 years of professional experience in mental health and addiction/recovery. I work individually with young adults, adults, families and couples.

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